Wednesday, December 21, 2011

DiGi iPhone 4SURE 4 ME

Nuffnang and Digi ask: Why do you want the iPhone 4S?

Me answers:
I've been longing for an iPhone since forever the trend that everyone crazily crazies over with this awesomely awesome possum gadget !!! (it rhymes, haha)

The primary reason I love iPhone 4S is because it's amazing at taking good pictures! I think most of the  people around me knows that I love taking photographs. It comes with the improved 8mp camera with autofocus and not forgetting the freakingly awesome front facing camera. FRONT CAMERA! It totally fulfills a small girl dream who loves photography *correction* camwhore like me! Hahah! I'm actually a Blackberry user and never happy with the camera though. Not that BB is not good but, it has been serving me well with textual communication.

However, when it comes to artistic matter like snapping pictures wise, iPhone4S is undeniably better than BB. You must be thinking,  U GOT NO IPHONE HOW YOU KNOW? C'mon, most of the bloggers nowadays are using iPhone. I've always been envious about their gorgeous photos taken by the iPhone while viewing their blogs. For example, seeing people updating their instagram makes me jeles. BB, Y U GOT NO INSTAGRAM! Okay, I shall put instagram matter aside first. There are also ridiculously lotsa awesome apps for social networking, games, lifestyles, travels, photography apps, yadda yadda.. Please view my further elaboration here.

It's like ALL-IN-ONE phone! HOW CAN YOU NO LIKE IT!?

With the high resolution camera and also HD video recording, it's best using it during travelling or when the lazy-to-bring-camera-out times come!! It totally saved hassle of bringing the point-and-shoot or the heavy DSLR camera while u have the slim iPhone with awesome camera. Not to forget I can also save up USB-transferpicstocomp-rotateclockwise-editphoto step! It's so much more convenient!
*Allow me to imagine myself editting photos on the toilet bowl using the iPhone4S* hahaha wtf!
picture credits: Google searched

And, how could I forget the legendary SIRI!? #foreveralone ppl like me can now talk to the phone and it will answer me #likeaman. fml! Lol. Hmm, honestly, iPhone is considered a bit pricey for a student like me. So, being unable to purchase luxurious phone, I haz to stick to my old phone lorrr #whattodo *watching people with the iPhone and saliva drooling*

But I guess most of you who're having the same problem like me need not fret now already!! Cus our lovely DIGI has launched the MOST AFFORDABLE PLANS for us!!  Now everyone can afford to haz an iPhone! yay!

Well, here ends my long-winded grandmother answer of why I desperately want an iPhone 4S! hehe

iPhone frame stolen from the previous Nuffnang contest. hehe

And oh yah, iPhone4S means 'iPhone 4 Steve', it's a tribute to the visionary founder Steve Jobs. I'm sure it will remind us of passing of another revered creative person. So, let me own this specially remarkable phone pleeease?  

Dear Digi Santa, please grant my X'mas wish, will you?
*puppy dog eyes*


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