Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lets pa paarty!

Yes, 7aste is back in town! The theme for that night was Monte Carlo no more Cape Town. Free-flow sparkling wines, beers and finger foods were served :D

We were the early birds that night. With my pretty cousie, Camille.

Just ignore my belly alright -.-

Since it was still early, so tak habih habih camho first.

Was invited as the VEE AI PEE. Veli important people sia! lol.

It was just 8 something if nothing got me wrong. One of the privileges of being a VIP was NO.NEED.TO.QUEUE.UP for so long! HA HA HA!

Some performances *nose bleeds*

The deco. whoops.. forgot to rotate.

Spinning sessions by the DeeJay

There were also games like betting or whatsoever to win the prizes! like pendrives? But, I didn't play bleh.

Yours truly


Okay, we cam-whored a lot that night! I will blame that on the alcohols :P

Love this pic!

Special effects eh? Non edit

Still the same like last time. Inside was HOT like an oven, sweating like nobody's business, so to make us look HOTTER? lolol lmao

Get some fresh air outside

Thorn between the roses. You lucky fella!

much crowded, no?

Some friends

Say cheers!

Fifi's hand. Tak boleh tahan us to camho adee.. hahaha!

sisterhood <3 First nightout with her tho. When will be our next babe? :)

With ahem dunno whose ah zhai ko? lolol. Too bright = =


Group pic w/ bro's friends

Polaroid. It was a blast fly day night, seriously! I had so much fun! Awesome party with awesome people. Looking forward for the next event again.

It is not over yet! 7aste will be held in Kay Elle @ Ecoba on the 8th of October 2010. So what are you waiting for? Register as a member now, peeps! at For non-registered member, entrance fee of RM77 will be charged.

It is October already =O which means my first CA is coming real soooon*big sighs*
Toodles and nights to all!

p/s: I was supposed to study now instead of blogging. Look at the notes *shieet*

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Attempt!

Spent my merdeka day doing this !!

My very first attempt in making cheesecake! hees.. Not bad lah.. Very successful one! Can beat S recipe :X lolol