Wednesday, October 27, 2010

hellow people! My exams are actually over few days ago. Yeah, glad to say that, what a relief. Honestly, I hate exams. Duh~Who doesn't? I think the most FML moment for me is to deal with all those bullsh*tting EXAMS STRESSES ie couldn't sleep well, eat well, focus well, shit well, hormonal changes and pimples all over the face yada yada. By the way, I'm happy cuz it is now over and holidays are coming! However, I've got no plans for it. What a bummer. Sometimes I wonder, why must all the parties and events held during my exams period? Timing so bo chun okaay. So tell me any interesting activities to do if you kno :) Besides singing K, cuz I've been to Red Box for n times already :S

Before I end this post, I'd like to recommend you all this series called "Make it or break it" which I've found it unintentionally. This drama is seriously awesome! The storyline is kind of interesting and some parts are really touching. At least, something different from ''Gossip Girls'' la you know, watch till sien already. No more Chuck Bastard, Nate Archibald and blah blah blah, but hell yeah, this series do reminds me of my good old times doing split and stunts with the apparatus and all. Oh well, did I mention I was once a lil gymnast, too? :D

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Exams are driving me nuts.. argh :(

And owh not forgetting today is 10.10.10. What a special day. Like some said it's a lucky day. But apparently nothing lucky happened on me. Till my exams. Bai all!