Sunday, October 19, 2014


Yeah, I think my photos deserved a space. 
Oh, and a page too! (:

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

23 days, RM13k, five countries & nine cities in Europe

Aha! Most of you must be curious about the amount I spent for my entire Europe trip. Can't tell you the exact amount but it's around RM13k plus, which is the amount I'd budgeted before I go (inclusive of international & local air tics, accommodations, transportation, museums entry tics and of course, shopping!). And no, I ain't a spoilt rich girl. I've been earning my own pocket money since I started my uni. So, I'm literally BROKE right now cuz I spent all my savings in ONE GO (毕业旅行就是要豁出去). lol. But, I think worth it all la, graduation trip mah, must have a memorable and unforgettable one right? *smirks* 

'Homework' we did for our trip. They looked like pile of assignments and one of my friends asked, ''你们是去考导游吗? You guys going for tour guide exams is it?'' tsk tsk. haha. To be frank, it's not an easy task to plan on a Europe trip, especially it's your first time and on your own. But, thankfully I've got two experienced cousins who gave me advises for this trip :D Just be sure that you are well-prepared and know the do's and don't's of the particular country beforehand. 我也觉得自己很不简单,可以乱跑到酱远 xD

Countries & cities I went :
France - Paris (4 days)
Spain - Barcelona (5 days)
Italy - Milan, Florence, Rome, Venice (One week)
Ireland - Delvin, Dublin (4 days)
UK- Belfast (3 days)

Well, I didn't overspent and managed my expenses quite well, I think*. Spain and Ireland are the countries that I would love to go back again. And maybe, Italy, for shopping, and the UK for London. I really really want to share about my travel experience, like the hidden gems/places I found, reasonable price and comfy accommodations I booked, good food in Spain (hehe Barcelona has got a lot of cheap and nice food!) etc. For me, traveling and exploring new places always inspires me! I'm pretty inspired right now and will try producing some entries during these holidays! Will be back again. xx

And I think I broke my own record 我到底拍了什么垃圾!? :O