Friday, December 31, 2010

Twenty eleven

Hellooo all! This will be the last post for 2010. Three more hours hitting the new year!! It seems like 2009 has just passed yesterday and tmr will be 2011? Gosh. Time don't fly anymore but it zaps away faster than the speed of light, don't they? Oh well, I am not going to summarize the things I did and whatnot this year (Apparently, my brain is overbrainstormed, more space is needed to store shit loads of infos for my coming CA *rolls eyes*) but overall I am grateful for everything!!
 I hope year 2011 will be even better for me, my family, my friends and for you all readers!!

I supposed this should be the most commonest new year resolution among all the girls, no? 
Credits to Camilla Soo's handwriting (Your foreverr-mission-impossible huh?! HAHAHA!!!)

Lets get ready for the brand new year ahead!

Yo peace <3

p/s: What goes around, comes around. I believe in karma.
For those who did something bad, WATCH OUT!

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Eloo everyone!!! Merry Christmasu !!

How was your christmas eve? Mine one was funn! Tho it was a quiet xmas.. But look, what we did?! lol 
Yeah, I went to babysit my lil baby camelcamillelurves and sleepover:):) It's been ages since we last did that!
Seriously love, I miss the old times' us!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


What's better than having an iPhone? Well, an iPad of course! Stand a chance to win an iPad by creating your own iPad that are both creatively and technologically feasible!

Maxis is bringing you an amazing deal:
 use your creative juices to "invent" your own iPad application and you may be worth of winning a free
3g 64GB iPad each!

Be part of the Invent Your Own iPad Application Contest and Win!

I want to join too..  But sadly I have to study for xmas exams, no time! :(
So what are chu waiting for?

Early X'mas gift!

Are you familiar with this picture? 
If not, GO HERE!

TADAAH..... non ps-ed.. pffft! 
(so sorriee for the webcam quality!)

This is the greatest christmas gift I've ever received! 
Finally I can understand the feeling of those untees and unkals for winning TOTO or 4D. lolol
Special thanks to my Santa Claus *You know who you are* and raindear
 for collecting it and bringing it down for me :):)
I'm officially a BB user now! teeheehee......

Thanks to Celcom and Nuffnang once again! *bow* 

P/S: I'm selling out my HTC Diamond 2. It is only 10-months-old. Reason of selling *Duh~SO OBVIOUS*. COD in Penang or SP only. Anyone is interested please pm me for the price(negotiable) at Pictures of the phone's condition will be sent upon request. Thank youu.


Unboxing of BB Torch :):)
Better picture quality *insert sarcasm* HAHA

greenberry VS blackberry

Front View
Sorrie for the cacat-ed screen protector. Gonna get a new one soon! hees

Phones that I've been and am using.

Anyone wants my HTC Diamond 2? 

Friday, December 17, 2010

Vivi model wannabe?! lol

Credits to: Cynthia Tan

Version #1

Version #2
Which one is nicer?

I find it very easy photo shooting with Cynthia cuz she has got the model-wannabe potential with her itself (or maybe she imagines herself as the Vivi model all the time? HAHAHA!!) Anyhow, it was a very quick, improper and impromptu photo shoot. As you can see, some angle of the pics aren't really satisfying yet tho. I wasn't plan to do so in the first place (fyi, I was there to visit a but her poses naturally made me wanna snap for her. Honestly, I wish to have a proper one with her again next time! After my exams!! tsktsk.
Lastly, and of course, how can I forget giving credits to Enn Tan! 
Your crib is really an awesome spot for taking photographs :):)

Sunday, December 12, 2010


你好 !(哭你一起挖)

我回来啦 (他大姨妈)  

原来如此 (哪里糊涂) 

我吃了 (一打卡妈死)  

早上好 (我还要狗炸一骂死)  

怎么可能? (妈死卡)  

怎么啦 (都西大)  
偷一下懒 (傻不你呦)    

为什么? (男的诶)  

那是什么 (男的所里挖)  

什么意思? (满家所里挖)

这可不行 (所里挖那里蚂蚁)  

笨蛋 (八哥)  

我明白啦 (挖卡打蛙)  

这是 (库里挖)    

搞定啦! (亚当!)  

朋友 (偷猫打鸡)  

不行 (打妹)  

说的也是 (受打内)  

太好啦! (有疙瘩!)  

真的? (轰!逗你)  

小姐 (我揪下嘛)  

不要啊! (呀灭蝶!)  

可恶 (扣手)  

对不起 (狗咪那啥咿)  

没关系 (一挖呦)  

不要紧吧? (带胶布?)  

约会 (带兜)   

到此为止 (哭了妈的。。。) 

谢谢 (阿里牙多。。。)

晚安 (偶压死你!) 

发音还蛮标准的。。 哈哈 笑死我了!


Credits to: Jace Khoo & Ming Fang

Using my friend as pillows - #DamnIts True

Fun behind the scene:

A girl out of nowhere pole dancing early in the morning.. hahaha!

This pic is so winter sonata right??

Please don't mind them, they have been staying in the jungle for too long already.. lol

Saturday, December 4, 2010

OMG!! Is this real??!

Omg omg!! Please tell me this is not a scam, PLEZ!
Woke up early as usual open up fb, blog and all (fyi, I seldom check my emails). And I realized something is going wrong with my live feed traffic on my blog as it suddenly has got many people viewed my blackberry torch post. Out of curiosity (and finally -.-) I signed in my hotmail and saw this *points pic*. I was like, wtf am I dreaming or what? *slaps self and rubs eyes*
Honestly I never thought I'd be so lucky. I posted it up for fun and for the sake of killing time only. hee

Dear Nuffnang, you make me loves you more ♥♥♥
and thanks to Celcom! Me loves you too! ♥♥♥ 

Still wondering what the hell is happening?

Haha, actually till now I still couldn't believe I won this cuz I seldom win in a contest (like never once before -.-). Boh simi luck mah.. HAHAHA LMAO. Sho excited right now but my mum asked me not to over excited yet till I get the real phone on my hand itself. Yeah, true also NO FREE LUNCH IN THIS WORLD *gives a sceptical stare*


After checking my mail again *smiles*

@Jace: My vainity worth it all oh kaay! So don't ever laugh at me AGAIN =P

Rocker 凹

I like my overall outfit and make up today :) Smells rocker! lol
It seems like my sis has got the potential to become a photographer too. ha ha
Good night! <3

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Golden hour