Friday, December 17, 2010

Vivi model wannabe?! lol

Credits to: Cynthia Tan

Version #1

Version #2
Which one is nicer?

I find it very easy photo shooting with Cynthia cuz she has got the model-wannabe potential with her itself (or maybe she imagines herself as the Vivi model all the time? HAHAHA!!) Anyhow, it was a very quick, improper and impromptu photo shoot. As you can see, some angle of the pics aren't really satisfying yet tho. I wasn't plan to do so in the first place (fyi, I was there to visit a but her poses naturally made me wanna snap for her. Honestly, I wish to have a proper one with her again next time! After my exams!! tsktsk.
Lastly, and of course, how can I forget giving credits to Enn Tan! 
Your crib is really an awesome spot for taking photographs :):)

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