Friday, December 31, 2010

Twenty eleven

Hellooo all! This will be the last post for 2010. Three more hours hitting the new year!! It seems like 2009 has just passed yesterday and tmr will be 2011? Gosh. Time don't fly anymore but it zaps away faster than the speed of light, don't they? Oh well, I am not going to summarize the things I did and whatnot this year (Apparently, my brain is overbrainstormed, more space is needed to store shit loads of infos for my coming CA *rolls eyes*) but overall I am grateful for everything!!
 I hope year 2011 will be even better for me, my family, my friends and for you all readers!!

I supposed this should be the most commonest new year resolution among all the girls, no? 
Credits to Camilla Soo's handwriting (Your foreverr-mission-impossible huh?! HAHAHA!!!)

Lets get ready for the brand new year ahead!

Yo peace <3

p/s: What goes around, comes around. I believe in karma.
For those who did something bad, WATCH OUT!

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