Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 1 @ Coastal City

Hereby introduce you our new friend Tommy! He's superR cute and hyperactive!

A very heart-warming welcome from Tommy and the host & her family. Suzanne <3 , the host for our trip 美女導遊 (the pretty tour guide) we called her :)

1st stop, Coastal City! It is a ginormous shopping mall which is 3 times bigger than Queensbay mall in pg. No kidding, imagine how huge it is. In other words, a shopping heaven in SZ lahh *smiless* So yeah musn't go missing or else it would be very hard to find you back. Haha!

Dined at an Italian Restaurant. Had buffet at around RM15++ per pax! And the food was terribly awesome! They've got variety choices of pizzas which are thumb-licking, spaghetti or any Italian food you name it. It's so worthy and all. How I wish they will open one branch here.

The cakes which taste like Secret Recipe or better =X

Escargot. My very first time trying it. Eww.. but not that bad after all :)

Night @ Coastal City. Didn't take much pic cuz my cam wasn't with me. hee.

Next post: HK Disneyland!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Been here, done that :)

Wah lau.. I think HK shud pay me for advertising their places *points pic*! Haha! Okay la pardon me for being a sua gu (in Hokkien) but I don't care, this is what a tourist shud do, no? LOL. By the way, I missed out the Tsim Tsa Chui one. ish

And oops, I'm sorry.. I've been busy lately.. Will update asap. Come back for more updates, will you? <3

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Explore the East Coast Region of Msia

Wahh, the title so "Cuti-cuti Malaysia" hor!? Haha.. Well, the title says it all.. Impromptu 3 days' trip to Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan w/ my family! Actually it was my father's business trip but at last we tag along too cus we've never been to the east coast region before, like seriously, I don't have any ideas how they look like. Hah. The journey took around 8 hours from penang.. really FML lor sit till my ass pain -.-

#1 First stop, Kuantan, Pahang.
#2 The city of Kuantan from the hotel's view. Actually nothing much in Kuantan. So i took a few photos only. Lets proceed to Day 2 Terengganu.
#3 Stopped by a small kampung in Chukai, Terengganu. Nice sea view.

#5 Along the federal and state roads to Kuala Terengganu. We can enjoy the nice scenery all the way.
#6 I awaked for the purpose to take 2 photos, then continue to sleep all the way -.- haha
#7 Reached Kuala Terengganu! Two and a half hours from Kuantan.

#9 My just-wake-up face.

#10 Typical tourist pose.

#11 A must have jump shot. I looked like a lion here, no? haha


#13 Mummy and I <3



#16 This is so random.. I wasn't prepared and all -.- Ugly hair and pose. Somehow i love the blue skies behind me.

#18 Day 3
#19 View from the Primula Beach hotel.
#20 Sista and I
#21 I know you will say ''Damn, poser!'' lolz
#22 nice swimming pool like rasa sayang. Too bad short of time :'( cannot go for a swim.

#23 First meal of the day!


#25 Bye Terengganu and went to Tanah Merah, Kelantan. Well, didn't take any photos in Kelantan.

#26 On the way back to Pg. Enjoyed the thick mist, breeze and cold weather like cameron.

#27 This is somewhere around Gerik.
#28 I like the last two photos. Which one is nicer?

P/s: Daddy have to work on the next day.. that's why didn't go to Redang. What a waste :(
P/p/s: Will blog about HK SZ MACAU's trip soon. So, come back again!


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Who's back?!

Me is back!!! Again, too many photos. Amount = Over 3k = edit & rotate till die = YOU HAVE TO WAIT. HA HA Cus i wanna continue my drama marathon 談情說案

Till then!