Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bye Oh Nine!

Last post of the year
Location: Random (In the car)
Effects: Nil

Location: Hua Lian, Tw.
Effects: Nil

Friday, December 25, 2009


Location: Suntec City "Fountain of wealth", S'pore.

Effects: Provia, Potra & Velvia

HOHOHO! Merry merry merry Christmas everyone!!!
and no, i didn't go out to party like crazy.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Location: Ye Liu, Taiwan.
Effects: Nil




Tuesday, December 22, 2009

You can see the difference.

'07 Christmas
Location: Orchard Road, S'pore.
Effects: Velvia & Potra
Photo taken by: Sony F88

Location: One of the Orchard's malls
Effects: Velvia & Potra
Photo taken by: Sony f88
'08 Christmas
Location: Leboss, SP
Effects: a heart shape on my face. Just ignore it. You wouldn't want to see a ghost.
Photo taken by: Sony erricson w810i
Note: Christmas tree "suk sui" (smaller) jor?

Location: Village Mall, SP (You can't blame the uluness)
Effects: CrossProcess
Photo taken by: Sony erricson w810i
Note: Stayed back to study for foundation finals. It was during the christmas season.
'09 Christmas
Location: My hostel or home?
Effects: Mixed
Photo taken by: Fujifilm EXRf200
Note: Study for the coming CA2? Yes. Pile of notes above? Yes. Christmas is coming? Yes. Happy? You tell me how can I not?(!)
Thank you.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Location: Queensbay
Effects: Velvia & provia

Location: Queensbay
Effect: Velvia, Potra & Provia

Location: Old town, New World Park
Effects: Nil

Monday, December 21, 2009

After so long..

Location: MF's house
Effects: Nil

fujifilm f200 exr test shot

My first masterpiece ;)

Location: In the car

Effects: Nil

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day 1.

Date: 16.07.09, Thursday
Place: KL LCC International Aiport + TW Taoyuen International Airport + Ji Lung's Night Market + Zhong Zheng

Umm. I think I'll blog by adding captions on the pictures. It's easier for me aights? Kindly bear with the lazy people. hee ;D Early in the morning, woke up at 6-ish, prepared myself, uncle then fetch us to the airport.

I love backpacking <3

A peace pose. Was feeling very excited.

In the plane. I love this pic :)) Non editted.

After 4 and a half hours. Finally! Yay. Taiwan!!

Upon arriving at Tao Yuen's Airport, my big uncle came and fetch us back to get some rest :D Later on at 6pm something, off we go to Ji Lung's night market.

101. Will have more close-up pictures on you soon, babeh! hah.

The crowd.

Ji Lung's night market. See the crowd? It was a weekday. And yet, still so many humans =.="

It was my feasting time! haha. Ate bird egg, chou toufu, fried sotong, ping sha etc etc etc. Yummy yum!! Too many to be listed. To be honest, I actually forgot what I'd eaten, lazy to recall. hehe. But, I've got many pictures of the food. Somehow, I didn't upload in this post. Will upload on the later post, perhaps? Cus I don't like food blogging. Boring eh?

Whoooopps, how can I show you my tamchiakness picture?! haha. Just ignore my fugly expression! Mind you, it was only my very first day in tw. Tell me, how can I not to put on weight for the rest of the days? TELL ME.

My oily face.

Ji Lung's dock.

After that, went to zhong zheng's garden.

Night view.

Guan Yin Ma

Smilling Buddha.

Whacked some taiwan beer before head off to the bed.

I slept very well that night. However, woke up with my whole body sweated! Cus it's blardy darn hot summer! End of my post? No, not yet. It's just a warming-up post. More to come, provided I'm free enough. hah. Stay tune, people :D
Havta start buying, preparing and packing my stuff. Too early for that? Nah, my mother keep nagging me. So what to do?

A lil update of myself on today:
Deadbeat today. Woke up at 12pm. @@ blame the late night I put up yesterday. Mum asked me to queens but I refused. Laze around, blogging, hunting for food, downloading movies... that is it!I can't sign in my msn!! Wth is happening to my comp?! ughh...