Sunday, December 15, 2013

Photography | Minimalism


is meant for lazy people to nua whole day lol :p

spending my kind of Sunday

editing some random pics. x

Monday, December 9, 2013

Cafe | Chez Nous

I actually stumbled upon this cafe months ago. But, it was not opened for walk-ins that time as it was two days before their opening. So, one of the Saturdays I went back again to try out their brunch w/ Chen after seeing people started to post in instagram.

 Chez Nous is a word originated from French which means 'At our house / our place'.

They have weekly rotating menus. Food styles are more on asian fusion, french, italian, sandwiches etc.

Very clean and simple interior.

The sleeping doggy

Le boss loves turquoise color which explains everything painted / decorated in turquoise. Ahh, one of my favourite colors, too :D

They have variety of great drinks like Belgian and local beers, Vietnamese and Italian coffee, Chinese and Sri Lanka teas

Cozy environment for an afternoon tea

Jasmine Tea RM12

Espresso RM8

French Breakfast RM20
Rating: 8/10

German Farmer RM20
Rating: 8.5/10
Personally love German Farmer the most. The potatoes and scrambled eggs taste soo good together. However, the bread was hard for me. lol. Maybe, we locals are more used to eating soft breads eyh. The boss offered me extra breads which is more soft but I paiseh-ly declined lah cuz I was too full to stuff anything in!

We had a short conversation with the owner, Philippe and his wife, Liz and got to know Philippe is from Belgium and Malaysia is the 14th country they decided to stay put in at the moment :O They have shared with us some lovely countries they have visited too.

Lastly, a picture w/ the friendly and chatty boss. And, me looking very happy here. lol

17, Lorong Sek Chuan, 10200 Georgetown, Penang 
(It's a small road next to Carnarvon street)
04-261 2499

...... ......
I have a thing towards breakfast, especially English breakfast. My first resolution for year 2014 is I am so gonna try every breakfast/brunch in town! teehee :p 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Cafe | Brown Pocket

Ohaiiyoo December!! Last month of the year alreadyy, pwease be good! Finally gotten back my baby white from repairing, and immediately brought it to chikchiak. 

Went to Chez Nous for brunch and Brown Pocket for desserts just yesterday. Will blog about Chez Nous later cuz fewer pics taken for Brown Pocket so I can blog a very short and quick one! ngehe 

The cafe serves mainly liege waffles, crepes, summer desserts and coffee.

Cozy environment and nice interior, but the selection of desserts are limited. Perhaps, more options will be added in the menu soon as they are still new?

Red Valentine RM16.90
Rating: 7.5/10
Why are strawberries forever so 'photogenic' haa!? I realized all the food presentation confirm turn out well with the presence of strawberries geh. Agree, no? Speaking of their waffles, they tasted fine but a bit overrated. 

Nutty Banana Smoothie  RM13.90
Rating: 8.5/10
I like the smoothie though! :D

What a great idea using ladder as bookshelf! So I told my momma she can use her ladder to arrange my books already! She was like pfft -.- hahaha! Till the next!

Brown Pocket

Gurney Paragon (163D-6-11), Georgetown, Penang.
04-218 9668
Monday-Sunday: 10am-10pm