Thursday, November 8, 2012

Taiwan 4.3 - 小瑞士花园,鲁妈妈云南料理

Hiiii all! Here I am again! Feeling happy cuz I don't need to operate tmr.. and also excited about going back home tmr! teeehee. Tho going home is already like my 日常便饭, but tmr is different when it comes to one week H.O.L.I.D.A.Y again! yey

Btw, I'm going to continue with my Taiwan post! You must be, nayy, why forever never-ending Taiwan post waan!? hahah. Sorry lah, I think I can take up a year to complete my 18 days of taiwan trip post -.- lol. Nevertheless, I just wanna share and keep my travelogue, and, I feel like breaking it down parts by parts so it wont be so lengthy to read (actually part of me iz lazy also :PPP). Who knows it's going to be useful for ya when you wanna travel to Taiwan, right? winks*

After visiting all these places, we went up to the lil mountain called 清静农场. It's situated at Nantou, if my memory still serves me right. It's somewhere like our Genting or Cameron Highlands in Malaysia. The weather there was not as cold as we thought though!! We expected it to be freezing colddd but ended up nonit to wear jacket also can -.- Boooo.. i think it's becus it was summer that time lor :/

One of the tourist spots 小瑞士花园 Little Switzerland Farm (straight translate from chinese one) lol

candid of my what-happened-shock face

two soh pors 

Mua two lovely travel mates with the fake moo moo :)

Busy ah busy.. Do what photographers do. We actually camwhored alot at the Garden until God knows how many hours!! hhaha, so pai seh to keep our shuai ge and mei nv tour guide waiting for us outside!

Love the flowers behind me!!

Model posing. C'mon, gimme some feel! :P 

So much loveee and grateful to have both of them as my travel mates!! From left to right: miss banana, miss blur and, miss domo.  

They made my trip such a memorable and wonderful one! 我们的天空 haha

They are handmade by papers. You can sun bian visit 纸箱王 which is just beside the garden. All the stuffs are paper made.

Then off we go to have our din!

at a very well-known Yun nan restaurant called 鲁妈妈云南料理. It's quite famous so you can actually google it. 

It was still early when we reached, so we went outdoor and chill instead.

Really freezing cold by then cuz it rained abit!! 

2044 feet above the sea level

Then, xiang shou our chocolate bought from 18 degree celcius under 18 degrees weather. Veryyyy the yumsss

Taken by the noob photographer. hahah. Not bad very 艺术. pass la pass la

Model posing with her chocolate.

After digging my pictures, these are all the food pics I have. You know, my stomach just can't wait for the camera! hahah

I love all the dishes they served! I'd rate it 4.7 out of 5. But, i dont think my travel buddies would rate that high cuz they are non vege lovers and terpaksa to eat ALOT of cabbage that day!!! hahaha! And they claimed that they'd never eaten so much of veges in their entire life! So kelian.. lolol

Alright, shall stop here, till the next! Happy weekend and holiday! xx

Monday, November 5, 2012

Short trip

    Was in kl during the last Haji holiday. A short short one. I think I went there just to eat holiao. Hahar!    

Newly opened H&M store. I went back w empty-handed though! Cuz mostly were winter fall dresses.

Then it's JOGOYAAAAA time! Been wanting to try out :D

Was too busy exploring the food till I neglected my camera. So very less pictures were taken.

My favorite salmon sashimi corner!

Naaww, missing my oyster so muchh

All in all i think the buffet worth the pennies. RM100+ per person as the day we went was a public holiday. Nice food, environment, service and variety of choice btw! 

Four of us :D

Sunway Pyramid on the second day. Didn't have shopping spree AT ALL, and I went back with two pairs of earrings only -.- And my father asked: 为什么你挂两片叶子在你耳朵? = ='' cute or what!? tsk

Till then X