Monday, October 22, 2012

Taiwan 4.3 - Puli winery 埔里酒厂,18度C

Forth day in Taichung, just in case you've forgotten where I stopped my last post at :p Had our first meal at the Laguardia Breakfast just downstairs of our hostel. So convenient :) And the breakfast was nice. Actually, in my opinion hor, any breakfast store of breakfast in Tw can simply beats ours one lor.  I miss their breakfast most!!! I WANT TO OPEN A 早餐店 IN TAIWAN!! hahahah!! ok, just joking

then head off to the tourist spot. Puli winery which brew alcohol (废话!). You can actually skip this place cuz I think there's nothing much. But if you're an alcohol lover, this place has everything related w alcohol! alcohol biscuits, sweets, icecream , and you name it. We went there for ice-cream and taiwan sausage.

Tasted weird to me but not bad also la

Sorry, pls exercise your head :P

Next stop, 18 degree celcius aka 18度C! Must visit spot. Everyone loves chocolate, don't you?

it's named after 18 degree Celcius becus according to them, all the chocolates are real fresh only at 18 degree. Hopefully my memory still serves me right after so long :/

You even have to queue up and get a number for your turn before getting inside the shop and buy. Hahah, and we curiously asked them why, and they said our body temperature would interfere the temperature inside the shop and also the chocolate! Yes, we can melt the chocolate -.-

the deco 

le happy girl! :D:D

then nom ice-cream before heading up to the small mountain, Qingjing farm.

It looks so yum righttt

It tastes very yummmmms also :D

Finally, a short and sweet one :D


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