Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A misty morning


seven early eight morning (translate into chinese/canto plez :P) Woke up early for a morning jog. Who knows ended up with a very mini-unplanned-impromptu photoshoot instead =.= No nice outfit, no make up, no preparation, no theme, no inspiration. NOTHING AT ALL. Very random, just simply shoot. We were trying to figure out the direction of sun rise in aimst cuz I actually wanted to snap the sun rise. But too bad, the weather was not that good that day. As you can see from the pictures, very misty.

Credits to: Jace Khoo (My very first model :D) 
''Meditation is silence. Silence is God In His Infinity's Smile'' 

Waiting for her bf? XD lol

Picture of the day. Like this the most. 
Side note: The sky was not edited. It's covered by the thick mist.

I must admit we have a nice pond here :)

The results of the photoshoot was not that bad. Not really satisfying yet tho. There are still much more room for improvements. Kthxbai, good day all :)

Yo Peace <3

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Water droplets

Friday, November 26, 2010

L for Lumut

I went to somewhere opposite Pulau Pangkor called Lumut. 

Use these to kiu qiam if you are very KIASU. lolol

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A fine evening in aimst

I find my uni is a good place to do photoshoot. Anyone? :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Haji Pancake?!

Today is Hari Raya Haji. Public holiday! Again, we're stucked in the hostel nothing to do. blehh -.- But oh well, we've tried out our 1st attempt in doing PANCAKE! hehee

I know it looks damn disgustingg

The original taste was not-so-nice. So SOMEONE thought of an idea of mixing milo and coffee = NESLO then blend into it. 

Liking this picture. The effect is nice.

The taste was so much better than the original one! Added some banana and resins too.

Tadaah. My lunch, one hour ago. Sorry if the presentation of my pancakes are not so.....err... well-presented? 1st attempt mah >.<

Just another random update. Have a good day to all! Bai :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I love shooting the sky cause it seldom needs any post-processed work.

The mood of the sky is clearly shown by the clouds.

and yes, this is my sister. An annoying orange in my family. As in VELI the ANNOYING one. lol. But, we still <3 her to bits :)

Lil update of myself:
I've been slacking a lot lately, just too lazy to do anything else :/ Btw, I was thinking of starting my first Photography Project 365 in year 2011 which is on next year. Hopefully my laziness wont strike me by then. I want to do it and will do it! *fingers crossed* :D  

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Nice song!

Katharine McPhee Ft. Zachary Levi - Terrified

You by the light
Is the greatest find
In a world full wrong you're the thing that's right
Finally made it through the lonely to the other side

You said it again my heart's in motion
Every word feels like a shooting star
I'm at the edge of my emotions
Watching the shadows burning in the dark,
And I'm in love and I'm terrified.
For the first time in the last time
In my only life.

This could be good
It's already better than last
And love is worse than knowing
You're holding back
I could be all that you needed
If you let me try

You said it again my hearts in motion
Every word feels like a shooting start
I'm at the edge of my emotions
Watching the shadows burning in the dark
And I'm in love and I'm terrified
For the first time in the last time
in my only

I only said it cause i mean it
I only mean it cause it's true
So don't you doubt what i've been dreaming
Cause it fills me up and holds me close
Whenever i'm without you

You said it again my hearts in motion
Every word feels like a shooting star
Watching the shadows burning in the dark
And I'm in love and I'm terrified
For the first time in the last time
In my only life

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Blackberry Torch 9800? Me wants!!

Itching to change your mobile phones? Tell you what, the latest smartphones Blackberry Torch 9800 is now available in Malaysia! Now you get the chance to own one through Celcom!

The Celcom BlackBerry Torch 9800 is the first smartphone with a BlackBerry keyboard and full 3.2 inch touch screen! It also comes with a 5 MP camera, 8 GB memory expandable with a micro SD card, integrated social feeds, and of course everybody’s favourite push email and instant messaging capabilities.

Now, let me thoroughly introduce you some cool features about the BaBe Torch 9800 :D
(side note: pic above has been photoshoped. The one Im holding is the fake one.)

Now you can say NAH to your:

#1 Camera. I dont need you anymore!* Cuz BB Torch has got a 5 MP camera with flash, continuous auto-focus and image stabilization, plus 11 photo modes and video recording, it's easy to capture those spontaneous moments.

#2 Mp3 player or Ipod. BB Torch has maximized multimedia which you can immerse yourself with 8 GB of memory, expandable up to 32GB with a microSD card, zoom effect by a pinch of your fingers and enhanced music player that allows you to view full album art and track listings in portrait or landscape.

#3 Lappie. Yay, I don't need to carry YOU, 2.5kgs around. duh*rolls eyes* BB Torch 9800 provides you an integrated social feeds. Meaning to say that you can update multiple social networks such as Facebook, Linkedln, Buzzd and much more with a single post or gather and filter all your social network and feeds in one view. Gawd, isn't that easy? Moreover, if you are the people who love multi-tasking like me, BB Torch can provide you a faster and richer browsing :D

By the way, there’s something else I have to share with you all which is on this auspicious date of 29 October 2010, the Celcom BlackBerry Torch 9800 is officially launched and there’s a one-day-only crazy deal going on in conjunction with the launch!
- Enjoy the Celcom BlackBerry Torch at CRAZY prices from as low as RM 8 when you sign up on the day with Celcom Exec or Celcom Biz plans!
- 1st 10 customers to sign up get it at RM 8!!!
- Next 100 customers get it at RM 488!!
- Following 100 customers get it at RM 888!
- Get a FREE Limited Edition BlackBerry Torch Door Cover, FREE BlackBerry Torch hard casing plus FREE Call Me Tones for 1 month worth RM5, games, apps for BlackBerry®. Just Dial *118#, and select STUFF FOR BLACKBERRY!
- There’ll also be many other fun activities, prizes and giveaways on the launch date.
Yeah, I know it's over BUT DON'T FRET if you can’t attend the event, you can still get the Celcom Blackberry Torch & enjoy affordable prices plus the widest coverage with Celcom, Malaysia’s No. 1 Blackberry community – in any Blue Cube outlet nationwide – from 3 November 2010 onwards! Check out these affordable packages from Celcom:

Tell me, how can I not love you Celcom?
For more information about the packages and promotions from Celcom, please click here! :D

Thumbs up to Celcom and BB Torch 9800!

Last but not least, to dear CELCOM, I want one too! Can you pwease give me? *puppy dog eyes* hehee

Watch the video for more about BB Torch 9800:)