Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Haji Pancake?!

Today is Hari Raya Haji. Public holiday! Again, we're stucked in the hostel nothing to do. blehh -.- But oh well, we've tried out our 1st attempt in doing PANCAKE! hehee

I know it looks damn disgustingg

The original taste was not-so-nice. So SOMEONE thought of an idea of mixing milo and coffee = NESLO then blend into it. 

Liking this picture. The effect is nice.

The taste was so much better than the original one! Added some banana and resins too.

Tadaah. My lunch, one hour ago. Sorry if the presentation of my pancakes are not so.....err... well-presented? 1st attempt mah >.<

Just another random update. Have a good day to all! Bai :)

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