Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A misty morning


seven early eight morning (translate into chinese/canto plez :P) Woke up early for a morning jog. Who knows ended up with a very mini-unplanned-impromptu photoshoot instead =.= No nice outfit, no make up, no preparation, no theme, no inspiration. NOTHING AT ALL. Very random, just simply shoot. We were trying to figure out the direction of sun rise in aimst cuz I actually wanted to snap the sun rise. But too bad, the weather was not that good that day. As you can see from the pictures, very misty.

Credits to: Jace Khoo (My very first model :D) 
''Meditation is silence. Silence is God In His Infinity's Smile'' 

Waiting for her bf? XD lol

Picture of the day. Like this the most. 
Side note: The sky was not edited. It's covered by the thick mist.

I must admit we have a nice pond here :)

The results of the photoshoot was not that bad. Not really satisfying yet tho. There are still much more room for improvements. Kthxbai, good day all :)

Yo Peace <3

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