Friday, April 29, 2011

365 - Day 117, 118 & 119

117 Do these remind you of your childhood memory?

118 For the first time ever in my life receiving  "RED LETTER". What a GREAT morning to start off with.

119 Some random photo in my phone.

All were edited with lomo effects cus I feel lomo lately.
loves xx

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

365 - Day 114, 115 & 116



115 Always complain beer no enough? NAAH, let you drink till daaai. lol.jkjk. Sneak peak of last part of HK post! :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

365 - Day 112 & 113

Dr. Ravi's Farewell

First time using adobe to edit my picture!! *wipes sweats away* HAHAHA! Ok exaggerated.
I added the bokeh effect that I was longing to try it for quite sometime already, just didn't have the time to do so. Fyi, I'm a bokeh freak. And fyi again, adobe is friggin complicated and mafan lohh! Agree, no?! 
Then until today, suddenly got the ohm to watch some You Tube tutorials to figure it out. 
The outcome is ok only. I'm still noob at it la ok sowhatdoyouexpect?! lol. Did you even notice there're still some reddish stain on my eyebrow? hahaha FML forgot to erase -.- but at least I've learnt something new today! yey heehee :) 
ta xx

Thursday, April 21, 2011

365 - Day 111

HAHAHA! Trying to lala-fy myself w/ 205, please bare with me. The first one constipated face it is :P 

I din know my room is sucha nice place to camho with during the afternoon! Very nice lighting! 

Pardon me for photobomb-ing you all senseless pics of myself! hehe
loves xx

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

365 - Day 108, 109 & 110

my niece owns her own Iphone while she's only two-year-old. Don't prayplay.
What I can say is kids nowadays are being so pampered by their parents. What say you?

No new photos recently. Not that I am too busy or lazy. Just not inspired to capture anything.
ta xx

Sunday, April 17, 2011

365 - Day 107

Saturday, April 16, 2011

365 - Day 104 & 105 & 106


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 7 & 8 in Macau SZ, 365 Day 103

Hello hello! Suddenly having the urge to blog about my already-138298328 days-pending post of macau trip!
Don't worry, I will photobomb you all with lotsa pichas! HAHAHA cuz I've got nothing better to do nao! 
(tmr is hols so yey!)
Btw, I've used an hour to upload all the pictures here which you won't find them in my fb album :D

So, moving on with my previous travelogue post which is Day 7 in Macau
We had spent only a day in Macau, cus according to my tour guide 美女導遊 Suz, we can finish visiting the famous landmark within one day. So yeah, lets proceed with the pictures! :):)

in the boat otw to macau w/ Suz, Sherlyn and I

Reached our destination! 
I must say they've got nice buildings that made us go AWWW WAOH COOL! 

Stanley Ho, The King of Gambling 賭神

Whenever you see the mirror, what else can you do?

I forgot which hotel is this. But, the washroom is definitely a nice place to take picture, no?  my-dunno-what's-happening-face 

Walking to our next stop which is.....

According to my tour guide again, this place is famous with awesome Portuguese Tart!

There you go!

*licks fingers* 

Say helllow to the city of Macau!

Touristy picture which must be taken, and with my lionkinghairbushwtf 

Went to visit a church Iforgotthename sowie

Just in case you have lost track where am I 
(Cus Im losing my track already HAHAHA! -.- memory will fade one you kno..! especially after so long)

Can you spot the signature landmark?

A better and clearer view

Group pic! Missing Suz.

Like shooting for some music cover -.- lolol 

Otw to the Venetian Hotel!

Some random builiding in Macau which is built by gold. Why are they so rich waaan!?

Within the Venetian. The designs are just so sophisticated.

Nice hor!

Yeah, finally a complete group picture with our pretty tour guide! :) 

The statue of Serenne. EPIC! lol

We'd also visited the Venetian's casino. All the way to Macau! You tell me how can I miss the chance to go in there!?? Luckily they weren't that strict in checking our IC and all (or maybe we look old hur? T.T) 

The picture above was taken showing a tiny bit of the Casino (if you can spot somewhere near the escalator). Just so you know, no picture taking is allowed in the casino. 

I go HAHAHA when I saw this pic! What happened to both of them? lol. Laughed till so synchro!
 Sometimes it's pretty fun reminiscing those photos you know :)

At the Venetian washroom. All are made in GOLD, again. Toilet also must be gold -.- Macau people just love gold hor (No offense, but I love gold too haha!)

This picture will be my 365 - Day 103
Ok I cheat I cheat =P
Otw to the Macau Tower

Your's truly with the Macau bridge

Do you realize my photo caption is getting shorter and shorter? heehehe........

KL Tower VS Macau Tower

Crazy people preparing for their Bungy Jump! 笨豬跳 哈哈哈!

They're trying to challenge my zi pai skills loh..

Look! Im leaning right at the middle of the bullet proof glass at 338m high, I know to some it’s scary cus of the height and all. I was scared at first too. But hell yeahh… I came all the way from Malaysia that far why wouldn’t I want to take this shot?

As what I've said in the vid ''我要躺着拍! I wanna take a photo by leaning down'' And, I did! :D

Jump shot jump shot! 
To test whether the glass is bearable or not (or we are too heavy or not) -.- hahaha!

Cheyy, not that scary after all! 

Serenne looked super funny here!!... like williwonka! lolol 

Regretted for not trying this :(

That is the end of my one day Macau trip!

For more, watch this if you haven't!

Day 8 in ShenZhen - Off Day

As the title says, took a day off after days and days of hectic travelling to here and there. 
Our pity legs need a rest.
So yeah, our 美女導遊 brought us to makan holiao at some Japanese restaurant in order to charge our battery!

Useful tips of staying cool in summer. THINK COOL -.-
Nothing much on that day. We just strolled around the SZ shopping mall and whatnot..

On the same day itself, Suz threw a surprise birthday celebration for Sherlyn!

A picture without me cuz I was the camera woman.
Left to Right: Tommy, Suz's mum, Jace, Fang, Sherlyn, Suz, Serenne

(I am not supposed to post this picture cuz all of them were wearing specs, pyjamas and with the naked faces. Then, in one sec I thought, they're not reading my blog so why not :P hehehe. plsdontkillme)

Pheew! End of Day 7 & 8! 
Till I got the ohm to post my Day 9, 10 & 11 again! 
ta xx