Sunday, May 23, 2010


Please don't mind me, long time never camwhored already XD

#1 Went to 7aste event organized by mild 7 Malboro on the friday night. (p/s: I don't smoke!)

#2 @ 32 at the Mansion

#3 Actually my bro was the one who got invited, so me tagged along :) Cus he sees me in study-till-want-to-DIE condition. Hence, turn off my nerdy mode for one night and off we go and have some fun! Heyya, I need to release my tension too! So, why not right? Everyday study makes me want to vomit blood, literally.


#5 Did i tell you it was a free flow wine and dine event? Initially i really thought it'd be a "very fine wine and dine that kind", but it turned out to be a clubbing night pulak -.-

#6 Yours truly

#8 The couple

#9 The crowd. Sweating llike nobody's business inside because of no air-cond!!? Nevertheless, it was kind of happening that night.

#10 Booze! They were crazyyyyy. Bottoms up the black label within half an hour. Memang insane ones. And owh, somebody accidentally spilled the beer (not few drops but blooody half bottle!!) over my camera
-_________- wtf. Luckily, it's still functioning. Or else, i will kill you lorhh.

#11 Belinda Chee. Emcee of the night. She's pwetty!

#12 Clock wise: Me and Huiling, group pic, Me and Denise (She's very friendly and nais! nice meeting you :D), group pic.

#13 We've got one free palaroid :D Henessy Artistry is on next thursday. Bro got the pass but too bad i  cant go =( ishhh. If i go, i really can go "jump sea" liaw. lol . Arghh just cant wait the finals to be over!!
#14 Actually wanted to blog about it after exams one but i guess i will definitely lazy/forget to blog eventually one. Ok, need to go now! Study!!!!!!!! (T.T) Will be missing in action from now onwards. Take care you people! And don't you forget to pray hard hard n xtra hard for me for my finals! hee hee :) Till then~ Kthxbye.

A person of real beauty smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress and grows brave by reflection and prayers. -S. Mishra

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Smile more than grumble, love more even you stumble.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Yours truly with her chio hair flying here and there!! ha ha!