Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Time to give back

Responsible Blogging: Time to Give Back

January - attended my first ever bloggers event for charity, what a great start of the new year, blog soon! xo

Friday, February 15, 2013


Aloha dearies, it's been a while since I blogged! First of all, Happy Happy Chinese New Year and Happy belated Valentine's Day to all of you! :) Finally, manage to spare some time for my blog. I miss blogging, but, due to my over-piled pictures scattered on different devices, the lazy bum me iz kinda lazy to organize :/ So here goes a lil bit of here and there! :D 


Lil corner of my house

Finally, my new babehhh! err, I guess my phone spoiled at the right time? What a good excuse to change phone (evil me) lolol. Been longing to change but the kiam me hold me from over spending. 

Chu 1

Stayed home. Firecrackers w friends.

Chu 2

Father's side bai nian
Prince Jayden

Prince Jonas
Two lil handsome prince(s) of the Soo's

Chu 3

Mini lou sang and family gathering at my place. Blackjacked.

Chu 4

Old schoolmates gathering at Lameizi

Went to gf house bai nian. Blackjacked.

Chu 5

Visited my 96 years old great-grandmother. She was extremely happy when she saw us!

Wishing her prosperity and longevity!


Kekloksi at night. One word, STUNNINGGGG! Their lighting is always so awesome! 

Doing some serious business. hahah!

I looked excited hor! hahaha! HAPPY FACE

Lanterns and crowd.

Till then.