Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Black & White

Something to tempt you all since it's dinner time now! :P

Monday, April 5, 2010

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy April's Fool

Now that the connection is fast that's why i got the ohm to blog :DD Fyi, now only i realised the blogger got the new "blogger in draft" thingy which you can design your own template and enlarge your photo to Xtra large (what i always wanted to). Until today, i was told by my roomie only i know! tsktsktsk. AM SO NOT UP TO DATE CAN!!?? Laugh la laugh, laugh all you want. = =" Anyhow, i will flood this post with many random pictures simply because i enjoy the extra large images! haha lmao.

#1 BOH teh farm. Love the scenery <3 (Ignore those aunties' head -.-)

#2 Xtra large oyster *slurps slurps* ishh.. it makes me feel more hungry now.

#3 My long lost cuzzie! Cynthia <3 Remember to get me free Super Junior ticket next time!!

#4 The happy kids. Aww.

#5 My new camho partner!! You win, U-win or Ewin? lol.. Seriously his name is pronounced as YOU WIN. But, pardon me i forgot to ask for his name's spelling. haha. I feel so good cus somebody is willing to camho with this old xiao gugu, vain with me together while nobody else wanna entertain me with my camera :(

#6 Another cuzzie from Spore! Gigi <3 Do u believe she is already a child's mother? UBER THIN right? *ahhh envyy*

#7 My face :S as red as a tomato haha.

#8 Cuzzie from Spore again, Poline! Chilled @ Sunset bistro during CNY

#9 Leng lui cuzzie, Camille @ grandma's house during CNY. You looked so mature lahh.. haha

#10 Artisticness kan? Say yes! Taken by me k.

#11 @ Taiping

#12 @ Taipei.

# 13

Happy April's Fool! Have you fooled your friends yet? No, till now i haven't gotten any pranks, YET *wide smiles* So come, fool me now. lol