Saturday, January 26, 2013

Behind 50

Footage of Behind 50. Watch it at hd:)

-Be right back-

Friday, January 25, 2013

Pudding cam

When u haz a slow poke friend then camera will be your best friend. I do nothing better than camwhoring. Gawd.

It's time for some haircut.

Kwong Sang House 廣生洋服

Piknik? Behind 50? China House? And now Kwong Sang House. I think the latter one is not as famous as the former ones though. Anyway, I've never heard of it until I get to explore myself on the other day. Was in the mood of photographing, and hence, called up my partner in crime for food hunting in Penang town area! 

Initially wanted to visit Amelie's cafe (SO BADLY), but, can anyone please explain to me why it just disappeared from Armenian Street!?? And so, we need to use GPS to search for other unique cafes. 

so yeah, settled our brunch at Kwong Sang House. An old style tailor-themed cafe.  

Me loves the deco very very much! It's more on vintage and retro style. A very nice place to take picca and photo shoot!

Pose pose poserrrr

Photo taking marathon while waiting for the food to be served!

If you could spot ze boss! Not that I purposely want to take paparazzi shot of him one ahh, he just happened to fit into the frame. Anyhow, he was really nice to us! He actually allowed us to visit their second floor which is only opened for customers during the night. And owh, for your info (read from another blogger), he is also the boss of Behind 50, so, Kwong Sang House is considered as a branch.

Chicken Bacon Pizza RM16.90
Rating: 8.5/10

The menu

Pamijiana Chicken RM16.90. Weird name, that's the reason we chose. It's grilled chicken with cheese and spaghetti
Rating: 8/10

Moving on to the second floor!

Fancy this picture alot! Very country style eyh? Asian Taylor Swift or Sungha Jung's gf wannabe xD

Address & Contact Number

Kwong Sang House 廣生洋服
36 Leith Street
10220 Georgetown
Tel: +6012-556 5509 / +6012-4939 230

Business Hour: 12pm-2.30pm, 6pm-11pm (close on Thursday)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


As title, it's not any ang gong ji but an auspicious wedding day of my cousin's ! The two cuties above are my lil niece and nephew, Kereen and Jayden. Too cute not to post their picture up!

Awww, cuteness overflowww <3<3

Fishtail braid by le sis. She just loves playing around with my hair. Will ask her to learn other kind of braids :p Seriously, she can be my 经纪人 aka personal assistant at times, from head to toes, massage for me during exams, photographer of my ootd pictures and etc etc. Where to find sucha cheeky yet lovable sister!? :p

Tadaaaah... The gorgeous bride and the hansem bridegroom of the day! Wishing them happy married life and are the ones from the story that says - Happily Ever After

During the night with momsy. Many say she looks like my elder sister. Shall I be happy or sad? haha!

Temporary replacement of @camillesoo. Lolol

Makeup of the night. It's the heaviest make up I've ever worn. Didn't like it. The makeup artist applied god-knows-thousands layers of base and foundation on my face :O Reason is, clever me, left my whole cosmetic and skincare pouch in my uni. pffft

#ootn with le beautiful bride :)

Till the next! Bye

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Imma responsible blogger !

helloww! I've been busy struggling with my torturous exams, and gladly to announce that it's finally over! Yeyyy :DD Btw, I came across this interesting campaign titled Responsible Blogging 2013 in the midst of my exam study break. And, I thought, why not blogging about it since I'm a blogger too! --------> A.RESPONSIBLE.BLOGGER *clears throat*

What Is Responsible Blogging 2013 ?


Generally, it's a campaign calling upon the entire online community in Malaysia to rally for and support and support and ethical climate in the blogosphere for our mutual benefit.

What is the 9 pillars of Responsible Blogging 2013?

Who presented wall of pledge?

The wall of pledge is an online community that is proudly presented by the renowned mobile device technology company, Ninetology, which is also Crowdpot official partner. It aims to garner pledges from all the people in Malaysia to pledges from all the people in Malaysia to pledge for Responsible Blogging

As a blogger, you ought to support the Responsible Blogging Campaign because you are one of the voice of the communities. Come on, blogging is all about sharing! And sharing is caring :D

As a reader, you, you and you could pledge your support at ninetology wall of pledge and stand a chance to win ninetology smart device!! Pledge now at and good luck!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Ma big day

I don't know how many of you actually believe in horoscope. As for me, fifty-fifty. Sometimes they're just so true! I love reading it from twitter but not the daily horoscope in newspaper lahh. Anyway, happy birthday to myself, had a blast one with my books too, goodnight xx

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy Nu Year!

I've been celebrating my new year eves with guilt (for the past four years) As my exam always fall right after new year.. Wtfishh righttt-.- Anyway, just dropping by wishing all of you have a blessed year ahead! 2013, please be nice to me, I know YOU definitely will! :) xx