Tuesday, January 15, 2013


As title, it's not any ang gong ji but an auspicious wedding day of my cousin's ! The two cuties above are my lil niece and nephew, Kereen and Jayden. Too cute not to post their picture up!

Awww, cuteness overflowww <3<3

Fishtail braid by le sis. She just loves playing around with my hair. Will ask her to learn other kind of braids :p Seriously, she can be my 经纪人 aka personal assistant at times, from head to toes, massage for me during exams, photographer of my ootd pictures and etc etc. Where to find sucha cheeky yet lovable sister!? :p

Tadaaaah... The gorgeous bride and the hansem bridegroom of the day! Wishing them happy married life and are the ones from the story that says - Happily Ever After

During the night with momsy. Many say she looks like my elder sister. Shall I be happy or sad? haha!

Temporary replacement of @camillesoo. Lolol

Makeup of the night. It's the heaviest make up I've ever worn. Didn't like it. The makeup artist applied god-knows-thousands layers of base and foundation on my face :O Reason is, clever me, left my whole cosmetic and skincare pouch in my uni. pffft

#ootn with le beautiful bride :)

Till the next! Bye

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