Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 1 @ Coastal City

Hereby introduce you our new friend Tommy! He's superR cute and hyperactive!

A very heart-warming welcome from Tommy and the host & her family. Suzanne <3 , the host for our trip 美女導遊 (the pretty tour guide) we called her :)

1st stop, Coastal City! It is a ginormous shopping mall which is 3 times bigger than Queensbay mall in pg. No kidding, imagine how huge it is. In other words, a shopping heaven in SZ lahh *smiless* So yeah musn't go missing or else it would be very hard to find you back. Haha!

Dined at an Italian Restaurant. Had buffet at around RM15++ per pax! And the food was terribly awesome! They've got variety choices of pizzas which are thumb-licking, spaghetti or any Italian food you name it. It's so worthy and all. How I wish they will open one branch here.

The cakes which taste like Secret Recipe or better =X

Escargot. My very first time trying it. Eww.. but not that bad after all :)

Night @ Coastal City. Didn't take much pic cuz my cam wasn't with me. hee.

Next post: HK Disneyland!

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