Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day 2 @ HK Disneyland!

Tommy and I. This pic is priceless lor I tell you cuz it's hard to capture photo with him. It's like he doesn't like to cooperate when it comes to take photo. Camera shy huh? lmao.

A clearer picture of Tommy! SHooo cute!! *pinchpinch*

Fyi, Hong Kong is just opposite from Suz's place. So it's just like travelling from Butterworth to Pg. It's very convenient to go HK by taking MTR there :)

On the way to Disneyland!

It was a rainy day. Damn sou heng (canto) loh.. It rained from 12 to 5 which means our whole day in Disneyland. pfffft... Why oh why!?

I was the lucky one! Got the minimaos one!! teehhee!

Train to Disneyland!

Suz and I

Mickey mouse handle!

Nom nom time!

HA HA HA! Scarifice enuf to let you all see this pic weih..

Space Mountain!! It was an enjoyable and awesome ride! I bet you would want to go for the 2nd ride, for sure :) And sadly to say, this is the one and only chi kek roller coaster in Disneyland. wth -.-

Umbrellas' day

The show was nice also!


The sand sculpture is nice but too bad, destroyed by the rain.

Don't go for the Tarzan's one. Time wasting only

The hum yu (canto, meaning: salted fish? lol) map which helped us a lot!

Sleeping Beauty castle!

Shopping time! By the way, things are pricey there but it will be worth for collection and piece of memory :)


The two ang mohs suddenly popped out from nowhere

Fireworks show at 8pm! It was jaw-dropping to see such spectacular fireworks in my life! Beyond words to describe it. See it in real life then you will go wow wow and WOAW!

For more, click below:
(Actually you can find many videos of it at You Tube also lah. But, me is in it! So watch till the end bahx XD haha)


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