Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 4 @ Food trip !

The title says it all. So, this entry will be flooded with FOOOOD pictures ! Please be noted.

Had breakfast @ Australia Dairy. The famous one. So must go early or else need to queue up.

Food in HK are definitely expensive, not only here but EH VER REY WEH. But, it's considered normal for them. If you can read chinese, it says HKD18 for per bowl of milk (dan xin nai in canto) which costs RM9, yun yong which costs HKD20 = RM10! what the effffffff...... Mind you, it was not shopping that actually costs me a bomb in HK but eating -_____-

A must-visit place if you come here! Awesome breakfast! *licks finger* Although it's just normal toast bread, egg, milk & yada yada yada.. IDK why they taste awfully nice :D

Some sort like toufu fa but it isn't. This is dan xin nai (milk toufu?), the best thing of all!! NAIS好吃 hou hou sek ah!! highly recommended. Trust me, you will definitely fall in love with it even tho you are not a milk lover, wanna bet?

Egg toast bread. The egg taste totally different from msia ones!! How come huh? Different chicken i guess -.- LOLOL

nom nom nom~

SLURPS* spot the person behind tsktsktsk...

tourist alike pose advertising Wan Chai. I think I looked good here haha wtf -.-

Next stop!

eat char siew

finger licking Char Siew. fei sei ngor!!

cute adv board

I forgot what it's called. Got polo bao in it.. It's yummylicious~!


feeling hungry now, no? I already am. pfffffft.


Lan Kwai Fong during the a.m. Couldn't spot any artists there also :(

SASA! HALF-PRICED! GONE MAD! But, I didn't get anything there. haha.



The veges taste sweet but not bitter. One of my friends who doesn't like to eat vege also claimed that it's nice :)

Gai dan zhai 鸡蛋仔. Nothing special cuz it literally taste nothing at all.

I don't geddit why still got a lot of ppl queueing up for that.

This street looking familiar isn't it? This is where one of the chinese new year's movies was filmed (I cant remember the name)

I find their streets names are cute! Sai yeung choi street pulak..

Lui yan gai 女人街

Soy street

Two cups of pure mango juice to keep us hydrated. ''Life is JUICY'' !

Ga lei yu dan 咖喱鱼蛋! Thumbs up !!

Some desserts after meals..

下一站,天后. Ha Yat Zam, Tin Hau by twins. LMAO

The ang mohs partay on the double-decker bus.

Lan Kwai Fong during the p.m.

Lets paaaartayy!

Sucha long entry. I am tired dee. Till then~

P/s: Year 2 is beaaach!!!!!! I am a busy bee now.. BUZZ BUZZ

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ken said...

everything seem so nice about the place.. hope to be there one day :)