Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 3

Day 3 @ Wax Museum, The Victoria Peak & Hall of fames 星光大道

As promised, my first edited Vblog! heehee.. Sorry if it's too short, will do a longer version next time.. still noob at editing mah. The video quality is not that good after converting to flv. IDK why also. So pls bear with it :)

On the way to Hong Kong

Reached Jordon

Checked in Largos Hotel

Lan Kwai Fong during the a.m.

Our breakfast. Dim sum.

Group pic!

A well-known yumcha restaurant (according to my friend). Packed with a lot of ppl. Dim sum was nice

Nice skyscrapers !

On the way up to the wax museum by the cable car. Fyi, wax museum is situated at the Peak.

Upon entering this place.. Everyone will go craziee i tell you.. You know la, photo taking marathon mar ! -.- lol

w/ Jay Chou. Not a big fan of him tho =X

Queen Amelia :P

w/ Da S

Yours truly with the police uniform. Looking good with it aight? hahaha.. syiok sendiri*

*clears throat**James Bond's voice* I am Bond. James Bond

Elvis Presley ! He reminds me of my uncle!

w/ Madonna! Okay, that's all. The rest of the ''wax'' photos are already in fb :)

Waiting for the sky to turn dark..

Breathtaking skyline of the Hong Kong cities.. It took my breath away...... literally. It worth all the pain of walking :D

Took ferry across to Tsim Tsa Chui (where we're standing). The stunning view of twinkling city skyline behind us is Hong Kong Island 香港岛 (till now I'm still blur.. HK got two islands meh? -.-)

Using our feet/foot to pose instead of our chanyong oily faces not a bad idea after all. Tired to pose nemore. haha

@Clock Tower

Bat tat tong -'' Octopus'' they called it in English. lol.

Director wannabe

All the pics below are mainly photography

I personally like this piece :)

Isn't the glammed up Hong Kong skyline amazing? wish I could go back again.. next time, with a dSLR, perhaps ? amelia, you continue to dream on la.

Blogging @ McD right now while waiting my mum to get things done.. feeling odd blogging outside tho.. it's like everyone is eyeing on you :S lol

Oh, this is my new love :) Goodnight all !

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