Saturday, December 4, 2010

OMG!! Is this real??!

Omg omg!! Please tell me this is not a scam, PLEZ!
Woke up early as usual open up fb, blog and all (fyi, I seldom check my emails). And I realized something is going wrong with my live feed traffic on my blog as it suddenly has got many people viewed my blackberry torch post. Out of curiosity (and finally -.-) I signed in my hotmail and saw this *points pic*. I was like, wtf am I dreaming or what? *slaps self and rubs eyes*
Honestly I never thought I'd be so lucky. I posted it up for fun and for the sake of killing time only. hee

Dear Nuffnang, you make me loves you more ♥♥♥
and thanks to Celcom! Me loves you too! ♥♥♥ 

Still wondering what the hell is happening?

Haha, actually till now I still couldn't believe I won this cuz I seldom win in a contest (like never once before -.-). Boh simi luck mah.. HAHAHA LMAO. Sho excited right now but my mum asked me not to over excited yet till I get the real phone on my hand itself. Yeah, true also NO FREE LUNCH IN THIS WORLD *gives a sceptical stare*


After checking my mail again *smiles*

@Jace: My vainity worth it all oh kaay! So don't ever laugh at me AGAIN =P

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Jace said... u have all the excuses you need in the world to zi lian n shua bai chi LOL...