Wednesday, December 7, 2011



tethering my BB to online now. Whattheshit is this uni man, I really couldn't bear with this matter anymore, it's getting on my nerves! Equipped with world-class facilities? fuckyou! Have you ever heard a big UNI with NO WIFI CONNECTION!? I even feel so shameful telling you all about this! Okay, maybe let us forget about the Wifi thing. F.y.i , we usually use LAN cable to go online in our hostel. And now what? The connection has been down for the whole day! Not forgetting it's also very unstable and SUPER SLOW on the other days! What if I got some important assignment or research to do? Come on right, we pay the fees and all and they give us this bullshit connection! So damn pissed off lor! They should at least set up the uni with Wifi mah right? Pardon me for being so harsh la cuz it's really nerve-wracking!!! Plus laoniang is not in a good mood lately. So Kthxbai!

Maybe they hear my scolding. The internet line can be used again ! Lol

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