Saturday, December 24, 2011

Dear 365, today is Day 357

Hello pumpkins, emo post won't be appearing in my blog anymore, I SWEAR. I'm so grateful to have everyone's back, you know who you are:), when I am going through sucha hard time. Especially my dad and mum. I feel so sorry for making them so worried about me. Anyhow, ngor lam tong jor 我想開了. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. And yes, I'm the tough one. I have faith in myself  that I can go through this.

Picture credits: Flickr

Have a blessed christmas everyone! Can I take my words back? I'm going to celebrate my x'mas eve with my love ones tonight =P heheheh! X

有时候,上天没有给你想要的,不是因为你不配,而是你值得更好的。。大家,不要太執著咯!哈哈,在說我自己嗎? 聖誕快樂!:D


STudy hArd ,PlAy hArd said...

jia you my dear !!although i dunno wad difficulties u face nw !bt i strongly believe tat u can go thru !!!miss u :)

A. said...

Thank you evelyn!! Merry Christmas to you! im missing you so much too! Hope to see you again soon!! After your exams ok? :)