Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dear 365, today is Day 351

Sad christmas this year. Ain't going to celebrate it. Not in the mood of celebrating it also.

Had a mini farewell with Yasuyo, one of my belly dancing mates, my first Japanese friend and also soon-to-be mama. She will be going back to Osaka tmr! Cuz she wants her girlgirl to be made in Japan? Lol. We will definitely miss her a lot! Not to mention that our choreographs will be messed up without her xD Hahah! Seriously, she had and always been superb in memorizing all the choreo steps! We were so dependent on her xDD Speaking of dancing, we've stopped practicing for three weeks already, and not forgetting x'mas, new year and cny are coming up. So meaning almost two months of hibernating? I miss dancing ah! I just wanna dance all the worries away! Life. Please define life. Since my life doesn't seems to go right, so shall I go to the left now? Teach me. Sigh.     

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