Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dear 365, today is Day 365

I promised myself to do something special on the last day of my Project 365. So here they are! I always wanted to try out light painting! It's fun and interesting!! Would like to do it again with friends next time! I guess it would be more fun with bunch of people!! :):)

Well well, it finally comes to an end of my Project 365 for year 2011!! Mission accomplished? Guess not! Cus my Project 365 is not constantly updated. Hahaha If you realised I skipped sometimes. Considered halfly accomplished laah can? Give me a PASS :D

Fyi or in case you don't know, Project 365 is actually meant to take one picture a day for the one whole year. It's like a photo journal. Nonetheless, this project has truly motivated me and gives me the ohm to blog.. By uploading one image and simply form a few sentences then tadaaa...! It becomes an entry! How simple right. Although, sometimes, I photobombed many pictures in a post instead of one... cuz some pictures are too nice not to post. hahah including some vain pics! Lolol! And frankly speaking, I realised I'm even more committed to blogging since then. So, don't worry! I will still continue my Project 365 next year! Don't stop, and just keep going! :D

I'm not going to summarize my year 2011 though. Maybe you could just scan through my Project365, it tells you the whole story (If you are too free of doing so :P ) Hahah.

#2012IsANewYear to let stupid things go and put a smile on your face
My wish for 2012 is very simple, T O  B E  H A P P Y. 
So, cheers everyone! :) 
快樂並不簡單 反而簡單會快樂一些

Wishing you all have an awesome year ahead!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
And, I love you all!  *Hugs and kisses*  

Will 2012 be the end of the world? Let's see :)

With love,

-- the end of Project 365, Day 365 of 2011 --
p/s: Have to start counting down from Day 1 again tmr? Oh dear!

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