Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Mugshot Cafe

I've been wanting to visit this cafe since it's hyped in town a while ago. Finally, had my cravings fixed this morning! yey

It was supposed to be ma breakfast but it turned out to be our brunch. lol! Reached there before striking noon but there's only this mini table left for us. The business is good consider it is a weekday. I remember last time when I came in the evening and the bagel muffin was all sold out! So, a friendly reminder to you, come grab your bagel early yo! As their bagel muffins are selling like hotcakes.. 

Here's the big menu and you gotta make your order at the counter. 


Some hanging polaroids. 

Selfie w/ my makan partner of the day!

Watching le boss baking the muffins using the wood fire stove since our table was just beside their work station. 

So mouthwatering and can't wait for ours to be served!

Candid shot of the lady boss! Her expression so cuteee! Haha! I think she wasn't aware of my camera.. lol

Mango & Walnut Yogurt RM10
Rating 3.5/5
It was a bit too sour for me 

Bacon & Egg Bagel Muffin RM10
Rating: 5/5
It was sooo good! The outer layer is heavenly crunchy and the inner mayonnaise with egg and bacon are my all time fav! :D 

Cream Cheese & Smoked Salmon Bagel Muffin RM10
Rating: 4/5
It was ok cuz smoked salmon is my love too! hehe 

I got charged for being a camwhore! haha! My roomie said ‘用这个来形容你还真贴切’ Is that so?! Lol 

I charged her for sleeping too much!! She really is a 世纪睡觉达人!She can sleep 24/7 anywhere zzz

Craving fixed and imma happy girl now! :D 

The Mugshot Cafe
302 Chulia Street, Georgetown, MY (beside Rainforest Bakery)
012-405 6276

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