Sunday, July 14, 2013

Penang Heritage Hunting Day

 My #motd (make up of the day) Orangie lips to create ulzzang look but, it seems to be a bit failed.

After having our brunch at The Mugshot, did a lil tour in Penang town area. I know right, even though I am a local, some of the tourist spots I have not even visited before :O Haha. It was fun strolling around Penang's lorongs with the roomie the other day exploring our own lil Penang. And, our first spot was Khoo Kongsi! (Actually my main intention was to park my car inside :x lol..) Just so you know, penang's lorong really test our parking skills. 

Tip of the day: If you are one of the Khoo's, FREE entrance(IC need to be presented); If you are NOT, RM10 per entrance. 

I was lucky to get free entrance that day because the roomie is one of the clansman, somehow, they did not ask me for the entrance fee so I ended up to become their clansman too lah :D teehee Amelia Khoo? How does it sound? lol

The details of the building is so pretty, and there is a small museum about the Khoo's history also. 

I heard from the roomie there is one old Khoo Kongsi before this new one, you can google it if you're interested.

Actually, I wanted to visit the magazines galleria located at Victoria Street that day. So, after visiting Khoo Kongsi, we walked there. And, somehow, I got loss of direction and had to secretly use gps *facepalm* and even asked postman for the direction. hahaha!! *siasui moment* Too bad, we are too early for the magazines galleria, so, we visited the Singapore's galleria, instead :( 

Hello woman, can't you see the word ENTER? haha

Here we come to the new wall art in Penang! They seemed to have a project about #101losskitten. That's why with all the meow meows all around.

A very huge cat, indeed :O I really admire the hard work of the artist.

Pic above: Yo, waddup Mr. Rat!
Pic below: I'm g'na catchu!

Ahh, finally and finally, get to take picture with these two famous kiddos, like FINALLY! hahah! This mural has been there since forever already. I'm kinda outdated, I know :/ Cuz everytime when I passed by, there is sure a lot of tourists queue-ing up for picture, and I'm just too lazy for the Q. heh. That day was a weekday, hence I managed to take 1263273987 pictures w them likeaboss. lol 

It was my second visit to the 14 Living Story.

They have very cute and vintage stuff.

I love these creatively quoted money casings!

The weather was good to us that day! A very nice day to walk around.


Noms ice balls under scorching sun is ze best combi! It's a new stall if I'm not wrong cuz I don't remember there is one last time.

New mural which is still under progressed...

The roomie got her Sarsi ice ball, and I got the kiwi one. Sarsi tastes nicer.

And, we spotted this along Armenien Street! Guees what's next?

Bimbo in action, again = ='' hahaha! Toodles! 

Till the next post ~ Georgetown Festival 2013

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