Tuesday, July 2, 2013

N Seoul Tower

It was early Spring when I traveled to Korea. The weather was quite cold and chilly, and I totally loved it! This whole Korea thingy actually came too last minute. Hence, we were with tour instead of free and easy. The only advantage about travelling with tour is you can travel without any worries, food and hotel will naturally come to you! Lol. So basically, I didn't do any research on their tourist spots before heading there. 

 It was the second day we went to the famous N Seoul Tower. 

Before heading up to the tower there's actually a Teddy Bear Museum. Lets just skip this part as I'm lazy to upload all the teddy bears' photos. All look the same to me -.-

The 365 panoramic view from the top of Seoul Tower, 480 meter above the sea level. I believe it is definitely more pretty during the night.

They actually has a post office up there. After leaving the tower and, I thought I should have posted myself a post card there! I know right, damn regret and sucha waste! :( Never mind, I will definitely go back again *self-assure* 

Countless of love locks upon walking up the hills

Why so serious face

W/ my travel buddy

My roomie said '你的背景就像一堆垃圾!' (Your background is like a bush of trash!) Troll but quite true.. hahaha!! 

Somehow I think botak trees are pretty to photoshoot with! haha

Yes or no? lol #ootd

A short one iz better than nothing :p Bye~

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