Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sekeping Victoria Penang

Sekeping Victoria is not a new place in Penang, but previously a venue for art exhibitions, events, loft gallery etc. 

So they just recently started their cafe two weeks ago as told by one of the crews.

It's my first time here and I am so in love with their rustic woody interior! Quite a cozy and comfortable place to chill at in a fine afternoon. 

The space is surrounded by tiny trees, it feels as if you're having a cup of coffee in the middle of jungle. Naturale environment I'd say. lol. 

Had a double scoop ice-cream coconut + matcha flavor (weird combi I know) at RM4.50 

Didn't get to try their food and coffee as I was pretty full that time. Hope to try out their menu some other time! Perhaps, let me know your feedback after trying them? :D 


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