Sunday, January 25, 2015

Coffee Gallery Malaysia, Starcity Kuantan

Hello all! I'm still surviving.... in one piece, in Kuantan xD Missing in action for almost two months, so sorry for the hiatus. I still miss blogging, just that being caught up with working life has made me lazy to brainstorm for blogging. Fyi, I'm posted in Kuantan for work at the moment. So I actually have a mission to self: dig out hidden gem in Kuantan!!! 

Before I came, everyone was like, huh Kuantan? Never been there, it sounds ulu and etc. Initially I thought so too. However, staying here for nearly two months, I would conclude that, it is not a bad place to live in :) Not as bad as I thought. 

So, here's a cafe in Kuantan which is worth blogging about. Coffee Gallery Malaysia at Starcity, just a stone's throw away behind my house :D Perhaps, I would hang out at this place until the boss know me :D lolol cuz their brekkie is surprisingly on par and more worthy than some of the cafes in Penang.

Big Brekkie RM15.9
Very standard cafe pricing 

Matcha Latte RM9.9
A lil disappointment on their matcha latte though, abit tasteless to me.

RM9.9 each for Mochatella and Dark Chocolate
Mochatella and their hot chocolate are the must try. They're good. 

Their cakes still have room for improvement though. Their taste is fine but not as good as the other cafe I tried. 

My target is to try out all the food in their menu. As crazy as it sounds, but I'm gonna do it XD

Coffee Gallery Malaysia

A-17, Jalan Seri Kuantan 80, Kuantan Star City, 25300 Kuantan
Tues - Sun: 09:30–00:00
+6013 - 3333 832

... ... ... ... ... .. ... 

Side note:
Went to develop second roll of film today, but I was devastated when the shop uncle told me that I didn't load my film properly.

第二卷的失落:當uncle同哦講,泥都冇影都!嚇到傻曬。 下次小心load菲林啦小姐

Results: the films are all blank and I'm sad :(

p/s: When you see me MIA and you miss me, you can still find me here :D

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