Monday, November 17, 2014

Dream Trip to Macau

I have been to Macau once, which was four years ago. However, it was quite a rush day trip! Just randomly checking on Nuffnang page today and noticed that Nuffnang is helding a dream trip to Macau contest! Hehe.. so here comes a chance to try my luck. 

Well, if I were given a chance to travel to Macau again, I would want to do these three amazing things that I regretted I never did / could have done during my last trip in Macau which are:

1) First thing first, I want to MUST challenge bungee jump sky walking lahh. Bungee jumping is out of my limit, I'm not ready for it yet. Fyi, I have height phobia. So, skywalking is considered a tough task for me already. I still remember how my lips turned white when I was up at their bullet proof floor glasses of Macau Tower! Well, I really want to overcome this phobia and get the feel of adrenaline rush once in a life time. My life is too dull and boring lately. Hence, I need something to spice up my life now :p

If you are interested, you can read up my previous Macau post here mentioning that I really regretted of not trying it after I came back! Also, it would be a real DARE for me if I'm chosen to be one of the lucky winners. No worries, I will confirm taking up this challenge this time and be sure to take a breathtaking panaroma skyline view of Macau as a proof of achievement then xD

2) Eat Portuguese egg tart all day and night, and explore their food culture! It was sad that I was short of time back then to do food hunt marathon in Macau plus I had not had enough of my Portuguese egg tarts yet!! Would love to go back again and explore all the food I had missed out last time. I have always loved hongkie's style restaurant vibes. 

3) Want to explore the hidden gems in Macau. During my last trip, I just managed to visit their famous Ruins of St. Paul's, Senado Square, a church and The Venetian. I'm a photography / instagram junkie if you don't know and now you know :p I woud love to explore their lorong kia (alleys) which I didn't get to explore and take pictures last time and document every beautiful corners of Macau, be it UNESCO buildings, streets, churches & temples, people and lifestyle of Macau.

Why Nuffnang should send me this superb opportunity? Because, I, being a backpack traveler all these while, it is all about budget, budget and BUDGET on every single trip! It would be great if I had the chance to know how it feels like for having an all expenses paid holiday like a boss! :D

Lastly, a big thank you to Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) & Nuffnang Malaysia for hosting this awesome contest! Fly me to Macau pwetty please!! :D

All photos were taken by me back in year 2010 in Macau.

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Melvin Paul said...

yeaap....budget travelling is good! :) Nice entry and goodluck!