Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hatyai road trip

Unplanned road trip to Hatyai during wesak day two weeks' back


Basically it was a one-day food hunting trip. So this entry will be loaded with food pictures!

Crispy fried chicken at Danok. Awesome kickstart of the day! Haha wtf

Rating: 5/5

Coconut ice cream with zhu bi at the bottom
Rating: 4/5

Our brunch. #eatlikeaboss



This is a must try! One of the hawkers along the road of leegarden, if not mistaken!

Rating: 5/5
Our camera-shy makan buddies/bodyguards/tourguides/driver :D


Starbucks sweet tooth. Everything is nice, but how can wifi not available at Starbucks?! What a bummer.


Jefferson's steak at ground floor of leegarden mall.
Rating: 4/5

Tourist mode. Selca at the roadside


What a huge prawns! :O

Even went for some groceries shopping. Bought alot of junkie food! Tsk...

All had served my tummy well. As a result, 2kgs weight gained within a day. Oh well.... *unamused*

Blueberry cheesecake is love!!

Unintendedly burnt a hole in my pocket

And this is what I called, distraction from studies -.- Kthxbai

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