Sunday, June 9, 2013

H-Artistry, The Global Art of Mixing in Penang 2013

Once again, thanks H-Artistry Malaysia for sucha wonderful party. It was two weeks back, the biggest H-artistry 2013 was held at SPICE in Penang, and I was glad to be given two passes as a blogger.
So my +1 of the night was ma BFF/partner-in-crime, Huey Enn. Posing on the red carpet before entering the event.

Picture curi from Shelyn's cam
As usual, we were late again that night! tsk.. So, we kind of missed out the photo-taking session earlier with the artists and bloggers :/

But, luckily we were on time to catch the opening of the three invited foreign deejays! :D

So, S was the zone for the bloggers and media.

First performance was done by 24 Herbs. What a great opening I would say as they brought up the heat for the night. Party goers were all screaming and got hyped!

Followed by the local talented artist Dennis Lau, performing Swedish House Mafia 'Don't You Worry Child' by his electrifying violin.

The next was by the mostly anticipated DJ Andy Murphy!!! *screams* Just can't get enuf him... pfft

The view from blogger's zone :)

Last set was played by the hawt and gawjuz DJ Nicole Chen! By the time, we were already warmed up by the Hennessy drinks and needless to say, the crowds gone wild!

Picture credit goes to @asheshong
We then table-hopped to the VIP area and partied w the artists and the media as well!

I guess, need not any introduction of this lady aights? Bumped into Janechuck that night. And, I was thick-skinned enough to request for selca with her. Blame on Hennessy drink? lol

Again, selca w DJ Andy Murphy!! hahaha! Purposely to make you all jelly :PP

As you can see, I was pretty busy hopping everywhere! *smirks* Was glad to meet a lot of new people tho!

Met up with friends at the VIP zone as well:)

Lastly, ending this entry with a picture of me. I bet everyone had fun that night! Looking forward again for the next H-artistry party! xx

p/s: Initiating a hiatus since my finals are like in two weeks' time :/ Stress. Stress. STRESS. till then~

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