Sunday, June 2, 2013

H-Artistry Press Conference 2013

Hi peepah! So I attended my second bloggers' event - H-Artistry. Thanks Henry for the invitation, and to be frank, I was pretty excited and looking forward to the event as I've never attended any alcohol events as a blogger/media before! Hehe..

Anyway, the press conference was held at G-hotel and the emcee of the day was the uber hawt, Julie Woon! It was lovely to have meet and greet session with the artistes from Hong Kong 24Herbs (pronounced as YA SEI MEI in Cantonese), DJ Andy Murphy all the way from Australia, and DJ Nicole Chen from Singapore! Well, we got to know more about them during the Q&A's session which was kept quite informally though.

During the press. Seriously, I've never heard of 24Herbs before H-artistry. Most probably I'm not that kind of person who's up-to-date to the latest hits ==" pffft... In fact, they are very funny and friendly in real person despite of their gangsta-ish appearances! So, don't judge a book by its cover ok? Hahaha!

AHHHHHH, MEET MY ANDY MURPHY! OKAY LAH, NOT MINE. LOL! PWEASE TELL ME HOW CAN YOU NOT MELT!? HE IS LIKE ANG MOH VERSION OF WANG LEE HOM, NO? *purposely caps lock to show my 花癡-ness towards him* HAHAHAH buay paiseh! I bet if you were me, you will definitely go crazy like me one lor!

After the press, we moved on to the other room for some photograph session w the artists. The gawjuz DJ Nicole Chen posing w DJ Andy Murphy.

Clockwise: le friendly DJ EthanCurzon, very cute and talented DJ Andy Murphy, ma blogger friends, Shelyn and Henry, and w/ the uber nice guys from 24Herbs (missing two members) !

Will elaborate more on the next entry about the happening H-artistry party! Stay tuned ! xx

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