Monday, January 16, 2012

[Sponsored Review] Leaders Clinie Sulfur Clinic Blackhead Suction Nose Pack

Nothing can be done with your whiteheads and blackheads? Must try this out yo! It's a new product of Leaders Clinic Clinie!

It comes with 10 suction strips and a tube of pore stamping serum in a box.

1. Content: SC-Complex enables to remove blackhead and excess sebum around your nose and Sulfur & Charcoal that is excellent for exfoliating, refining pores, and controlling excess oil 

2. Take out the sulphur blackhead suction strip. It has a light scent of charcoal though :D

3. Note: The black surface is where you stick it on the surface of your nose, not the surface with the lighter color one.

4. Cleanse your face and nose thoroughly. THEN JUST LEAVE IT WET. Peel the suction strip off the plastic liner, and apply to the nose area. Pressing down to allow to ensure good contact with the skin. Allow it to dry for 10-15minutes! 

5. After 15 mins, just peel it off! *STRIPS* And wootss, there you go my whiteheads babehh! :D

6. Pore Stamping Serum is a product which tightens skin pore and helps in controlling excess sebum!

7. Apply a pea-sized amount on your nose after removing the strips. It helps to close up your pores instantly!

Here's the picture of before and after using the blackhead suction nose pack! I think there's a slight reduction on the size of my nose pores. What say you?

My review: Me loves this product to the max especially the suction strip which helps to suck out all the whiteheads and blackheads without hassle instead of squeezing them out using the pimple presser which is very unhygienic sometimes (I used to do that) and which is why I've got large nose pores now. T^T Regret max!! The serum on the other hand, is non-greasy, no strong scent, lightweight and I feel refreshing after applying it! My nose literally feels matte after that =D I am so gonna use it regularly for the next few weeks! Hopefully it helps to lessen my whiteheads, blackheads and also oil sebum on my nose! Looking forward to see a better result :) 

Overall rating 
                          4/5 LOVES

If you are keen in purchasing this product, it is now available at Hansaegee Nature online store!

Other than nose pack, Leaders Clinic is also offering a wide range of masks targetting on various skin problems. You might want to read up my review on their masks here! All are available at Hansaegee Nature

They are now having some gift promotion, do check out their facebook page 

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