Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dear 365, today is Day 14

Heeelllo guys! Actually I wanted to update a long entry! But im still at a place called Uni-with-sucky-and-no-internet-connection! Fuuuuu.. so im using my bb to blog now zzz. btw, here is a short and quick one instead. I'm feeling sick right after exam, sorethroat ahh! But, I got bbq party to attend tonight! so how? aint gonna care anyway hahah:p Looking forward for tonight cuz it's been a while since I had gathering with huge bunch of friends already!! Staying back here on a Saturday just because of the party.. See how anticipated I am :D hahaha, kla gotta go now dee! Will be trying out French pastries later at the Village Mall! Heard the environment is nice and most importantly, MACARONS! Wheeee! But but, I left my DSLR at home back in penang! Argggh! Suan le ba:( I can foresee my weekend will be an awesome one! Same goes to u people! Loves xx

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