Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dear 365, today is Day 29

Helloo again! What do you do during CNY besides collecting angpow? Gambling it is! Nah, I'm not gamble type of person laah.. It's just for CNY #havefunmoments :) Try out our luck ma right! Had a lil gamble, mahjong and poker session at Enn's crib yesterday with friends and her siblings and it was sho funnn! First time learning mahjong from sifu-sifu sekalian! I'm still at noob stage though.. But the pic above was the nicest 'pai' I had gotten so far!! Nice rightt!? FATT FATT FATT FATT and ZHONG x3!! So this year I for sure can FATT CHOI dee!! *fingers crossed* Hahahah. Btw, the even craziest thing we did was we went for Chongqing steamboat at friggin 5am in the morning after that and slept at 7am! The only word I can think of now is FAT! Boooo. So, here ends my last day of wonderful CNY hols already! sobsob :(( Anyway, Gong Hei Fatt Choi & happy bai ti kong day everybody! It's time to get back to work yo! Till the next! xx

Oops! Is posting mahjong pic illegal?  tsktsk lol

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