Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dear 365, today is Day 19

Gong hei fatt choi everyone!! Counting down 3 more days to go!! Excited not!!? I guess everyone is excited about going back to their hometown!! Me too!! hahaha! Fyi, I go back to penang every week but I'm also excited for dunno what reason-.- hahah! I'm worried about the traffic tmr though.. cuz I will be back after 5pm.. which is the most scariest peak hour at the penang bridge zzz.. Anyhow, have you all done all your shopping yet? For me, NOT YET! Big sigh, becus of my previous stupid exam.. I got no time to do my shopping.. Not much new clothes to wear this year :( aikks ! Kla, gotta get back to work dee! Money money come before CNY! Huat ahhh everyone! :D Loves X

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