Monday, January 24, 2011

Secret Garden


金 寿限无 乌龟和丹顶鹤

三清角厅 攻防山
地底家宝 萨利萨利中心
咕嘟瑟啦 咕噜咪
腰被卡住 围墙

You might think im crazy but im so gonna memorize this! So cute!! 

And I'd like to share two songs with you guys. 
Secret Garden OST. Sad/emo songs, quite nice though. I love the meaning of the lyrics :)
I hate being emo and emo is so not me. So fine, just let myself emo for today. 
Don't feel like watching this type of drama anymore. So saddening la can -.-
故事情节还不赖的一部剧 但是很伤感 看了简直会沮丧 很讨厌拉
你们看戏都不会这样吗 还是自己看得太投入了 -.-
不过男主角还蛮帅的说 可爱中带点帅气(羞) 呵呵
这两首主题曲很好听 推推 但是很伤感咯 :'(

"That Man" and "That Woman"

<3 Hyun Bin
Un neoy!

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