Friday, January 21, 2011

365 - Day21

Am watching and going to burn midnight oil to watch this tonight! (tsktsk so hardworking sia lol..) Heard it's a nice drama ''Secret Garden''. I am turning into a Korean freak soon. Omg. Btw, lao niang not going back to home sweet home this weekend :(:(
在看 “秘密花园” 听说很好看 今晚要熬夜看戏咯 读书又没看我那摩勤力= = 最近韩流 大家都在疯狂追韩片 是怎样 这星期老娘没得回家(哭)


Jace said...

yer....ur mandarin sounds like it was DIRECTLY translated from Google translate =.=


A. said...

haha! yahla yahla.. ppl's chinese b3 only ma unlike you.. 人家才刚开始学习打中文而已 师傅请多多指教 =P