Thursday, January 27, 2011

7aste New York

Totally forgot about this post! This entry is supposed to be in December 2010. 
Oh well anyway, I'll just let the pictures say it all :) 

Everything is blue within

The DJ is LANSI =P

Hrmm.. Honestly, not as fun as compared to the last one though. I think it's because of missing fifi aka Murphy as our personal entertainer. So, no farney jokes for that night! :/ Atmosphere were still the same old situation - Mad hot, under ventilation and sardin-packed people! Some improvement please. And something-really-freak-me-out-incident happened!! But I guess I wont be telling you here. My brain is not functioning and I'm lazy to elaborate more right now =P So yeah short update it is. Goodnight folks! <3

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