Sunday, January 30, 2011

Camille S.

A random indoor photoshoot
Thanks for being my guinea pig! HAHAHA! =P
Credits: Camille Soo



#3 Loving her smile here 

#4 Personally, I like this one the most :) So fantassssy! hahahhas!

#5 A lil bit greenish if you noticed. Cam, tell me if you like this pic. Will do some alteration of the colour. hehe paiseh





Go for soft colour tone this time. Warmth. Me likes :D
Still needing a lot of improvements on my editing skill. Im just too lazy to read up and watch the tutorial of Adobe CS5 =P hahah! Who's willing to teach me some basic? Pwease. 

Oh yah, if you don't mind please comment. Thank youu. I would like to hear from you! :)

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