Thursday, December 13, 2012


IMG_1848heyya, my ultimate solution ----> FLICKR!! *pops confetti* Yey.. but it's my bed time now already. Will blog a short one by captioning! :D

It was during Deepavali holiday, had a mini catch-up session w my girls at The Cruise Stick House. It's located at Bishop street, beside Light house coffee, there's a tricycle just right in front of the restaurant that could easily be spotted. A very nice spot to date friends and family here.

W ze long time no see Benice :)

Alice and Zerozero aka Lingling :p

Love the retro deco!

Oh well, guess I shall skip the food part since the photos taken weren't nice. All blurred :/

My cheese grilled chicken chop. Rating: 4/5

Hellow instagrammers, answer to be revealed! These ain't tequila shots! They were just random soft drinks lahh! Sorry, I cheat. Lolol *face palms*

Posing with our 'tequila'

Finally, a group shot with the tricycle! And btw, I looked Korean that day, ddin't I? teehee syiok sendiri :P

Goodnight. xx

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