Saturday, December 29, 2012

Bali of Malaysia

And, now everyone can fly.. Oops that's AA slogan. It's my first time flying with firefly. Not gonna lie, i was pretty scared until my palms sweat -.- FML. cuz I've never been on a propeller aircraft. I was very unsecured. 沒有安全感 FYI, I've got high phobia especially standing or sitting on something static and slow, as in cable car or ferris wheel but not roller coaster. Weird,no?

Camho, doing what girls do the best. Testing out my new toy as well! Fisheyee hoho

Reached Langkawi safe and sound. And oh, did I mention it's a fully sponsored trip by Holiday Villa? I was there for Christmas eve performance :)

refresh ourselves in the room before heading out for dinner

Holiday look

The place where we dined in

Great ambiance

Food feasting time!

Janice w her drink

And me!

My partner in crime 

Overall, the food were awesome possum but with touristy price.. If you get what I mean. Anyway, lets skip the food elaboration part, shall I? (I suck at it)   

During rehearsal. Yours truly being bimbotic -.-

The angmoh GM who invited us. 

That night was totally awesome! Cuz 80 percents were angmohs. They're sporting enuf to dance with us. At the same time, I get to kap angmoh shuai ge too. *TROLLS* hahahaha!! Cuci mata ma woi.. Besides belly dancing, we danced jazz, and zumba too! Sucha pleasant experience with the crews, though they are all da jiejie. But, believe me, their stamina are hell more younger than us! I was no big role but had so much fun with them :D

Lastly, bitches by the beach! Woohoo....

till then. xx

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