Sunday, December 2, 2012

Lap Sap!

my face of the night
After a long week of hard work, me, myself and I definitely need a party to throw everything behind! hehe. Attended a private rave party called LAP SAP held at Precinct 10 car park. It was real fun tho all of us remained sober all night long. NO FREE FLOW. thats why
But, fret not! The Djs of the night were awesome! Seriously, even though I'm not a into electro/house/trance music type of person, I have to say that they played it very well that night. Imagine, get high without alcohol :) I think it's time for our pg club named M to change DJ already.. Ahem. or if you get what i mean :p

Sorry for the poor quality of pictures. Didn't bring my camera out that night.
W friends

Just dance with the beat!

See, only plain water for the night. Very guai :D teehee

LaMeiZi for supper to satisfy my cravings.
Goodnight xx

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